New Hampshire fugitive arrested in Nashua

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NASHUA — Police say Grant William Ohlson was arrested on Sunday in Nashua.

A public tip led Nashua Police Officers to the corner of East Hollis Street. and Allds Street where the Strafford County Superior and Rochester District Court fugitive was identified and taken into custody.

Ohlson, 43, was wanted for failing to appear for an arraignment in a case where he is alleged to have smuggled fentanyl into the Strafford County Jail.

In addition, Ohlson has active warrants for theft, probation violations, and criminal trespass.

Despite strong ties throughout Strafford County, Ohlson found his way to Nashua where he was able to lay low for almost two months.

In addition to the four arrest warrants, Ohlson may face additional felony charges, as his arrest on Sunday yielded evidence of additional criminal behavior that is still being looked at by the Hillsborough County Attorney’s Office.

“The Nashua Police Department did an admirable job responding quickly to the public tip and taking a reckless fugitive, who was actively committing more crimes, off the streets,” said Deputy U.S. Marshal Andy Grillo.

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