Hiker rescued in Dublin

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DUBLIN — A hiker was rescued in Dublin today.

Authorities were notified of a hiker in distress at around 7:00 p.m.

Kateri Demartino, of Gardner, MA, had been hiking the Pumpelly Trail when she lost her way and found herself off the marked trail.

Demartino had lost feeling in her feet, was showing early signs of hypothermia, and was unable to navigate herself to safety after being lost for hours.

Conservation Officers then had to leave the OHRV response to Winchester and focus their resources in Dublin.

Conservation Officers were able to gain GPS coordinates from the 911 call received by Demartino, placing her in a swamp approximately .5 miles from Millbrook Lane.

A search was conducted by Conservation Officers who then located Demartino.

Officers assisted with warm clothes and Demartino was then able to walk out with assistance to an awaiting Peterborough ambulance at approximately 9:00 p.m.

She was treated for hypothermia and was transported to Cheshire Medical Center.

Conservation Officers remind individuals recreating outdoors that winter is here with temperatures well below freezing throughout the state.

Bringing appropriate gear for your outdoor recreational activities is paramount for your wellbeing.

People can learn more at hikesafe.com and find some keys to recreating responsibly.

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