CNB bank employees donate to Fuel Fund for Seniors

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DERBY — Community National Bank employees are allowed to wear jeans on Fridays in exchange for a donation to the bank’s “jean money” fund.

Each CNB office collects and maintains their own fund.

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When the value of the fund has grown to a significant amount, the employees choose to donate to a worthy cause.

Recently, the bank’s Derby, Newport and Troy offices decided to make a $750 donation to the Northeast Kingdom Council on Aging’s (NEKCOA) Fuel Fund.

In support of their employees, CNB matched the jean money bringing the total donation to $1,500.

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CNB employees DeAnn Meunier, Laura Bennett and Julie Marquis delivered the donation to NEKCOA Director of Communications and Development Mary Ellen Reis and Case Manager Randi Morse.

“We are very grateful for the long-standing support of the NEKCOA by Community National Bank,” Mary Ellen Reis said. “With their support, we are even closer to our goal of raising $20,000 for the 2023 NEKCOA Fuel Fund.”

With the increased cost of fuel, NEKCOA started their fundraising early knowing they would receive an increase in requests for assistance.

With the bank’s generous donation, they have currently raised $16,000 towards their goal, which was doubled from last year. 

Last year, the NEKCOA Fuel Fund provided 40 families with fuel assistance, with 21 clients in the northern areas of the NEK and 19 in the south.

“We expect this number to grow this year and with the help of our generous community partners, we are well positioned to offer a helping hand,” Mary Ellen Reis said.

For more information about NEKCOA programs and how to donate, please visit their website at nekcouncil.org.

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