Two-vehicle crash in St. George

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ST. GEORGE — Police responded to a two-vehicle crash in St. George yesterday.

The crash took place between Route 116 and South Brownell Road at around 8:10 a.m.

According to the report, Robert Elmergreen, 40, of Hinesburg, was sitting on the shoulder due to him sliding off and getting stuck, when the second vehicle coming north couldn’t slow down due to weather conditions and hit him from behind.

Howard Chua, 25, of Melrose, MA, told police that he was traveling north on Route 116 below the speed limit and couldn’t brake due to the weather conditions.

As a result, both drivers sustained no injuries and provided no signs of impairment.

Due to disabling damage to both vehicles they were removed by Girouxs Garage & Anytime Towing.

Troopers were assisted by Williston Police Department.

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