Vermont Symphony Orchestra plays for local elementary students                                                            

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Photo by William Peck.
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COVENTRY — Three brass instrumentalists from the Vermont Symphony Orchestra recently appeared before two audiences of local pre-school and elementary students.

The concerts took place in North Troy and Coventry.

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The trio have played together for eight years, and represent the VSO’s commitment to bring music to the children of Vermont. 

There are several similar groups of skilled musicians who make their way to elementary and middle schools across the state throughout the year as part of VSO’s SymphonyKids program.

Ron Wold on french horn, Glendon Ingalls on trumpet, and “Bear” Irwin playing trombone said they enjoyed clowning around a bit while playing a wide variety of short pieces.

The set ranged from “Star Wars” to “Amazing Grace,” with a finale of a student-requested “Jingle Bell Rock.” 

The group shared that at one of the session’s conclusion, a little boy raised his hand and said, “I like the music you made.” 

“We are so fortunate to have the Vermont Symphony Orchestra and the SymphonyKids program,” said Bill Peck, who is part of Friends of the VSO.

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