Woman charged with eluding police in Bennington

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BENNINGTON — An 82-year-old woman from Sunderland was cited in Bennington yesterday.

Police say they observed a vehicle fail to move over to the left lane of travel for the Bennington Police Department officer’s emergency vehicle.

Troopers attempted to stop the vehicle on two separate occasions with the emergency blue lights and siren activated.

Police say the vehicle slowly came to a stop on the first attempt but continued north on U.S. Route 7 before the trooper could make contact with the driver.

On the second attempt, the vehicle did come to a brief stop but didn’t allow the trooper enough time to make contact.

Troopers did not pursue the vehicle during this incident and traveled north on U.S. Route 7 with the general flow of traffic.

Troopers determined where the registered owner of the vehicle that failed to stop and eluded law enforcement resided.

Police arrested Valerie Takvorian for the offense of eluding a police officer.

She was ultimately released with a citation to appear in court to answer the charge at a later date and time.

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