Two-vehicle crash with injuries in Underhill

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UNDERHILL — Police responded to a two-vehicle crash with injuries in Underhill this morning.

The crash took place on Route 15 at around 7:45 a.m.

One vehicle was seen in the middle of the road and a second a few feet to the side in a ditch.

According to the report,a 17-year-old driver from Underhill was leaving her residence off Route 15, when she was struck by the second vehicle.

Bernard Isabelle, 66, of Underhill, told police that he tried to swerve but still ended up hitting the vehicle.

Once impact happened Isabelle drifted off the road to the ditch causing a rollover.

Isabelle sustained injuries, police say.

Both vehicles they were removed by Bushey’s Auto Towing.

Troopers were assisted by Underhill and Essex Fire Department.

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