3 Letters Supporting Peggy Stevens for VT House of Representatives

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Peggy Stevens, A Champion for Change | Beth Barnes

I know Peggy Stevens. I respect her, I admire her and I believe she will help make meaningful changes through legislation when she’s elected by her constituents.  Peggy believes that a healthy, safe and secure community needs a solid foundation. This foundation includes socially, emotionally and physically healthy children, access to affordable, quality housing, high-quality and available childcare and of course, a healthy environment.

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Now more than ever, the world needs visionary champions, locally and globally who will lead us forward, not sideways and certainly not backwards. We need truth speakers.

I believe Peggy Stevens will be a champion for the Northeast Kingdom in Montpelier.  She’s already proven to be a champion during her career as an educator, an environmental champion, and certainly a champion friend and colleague to so many.

Please make your vote matter by supporting Peggy Stevens for Vermont House of Representatives. Thank you.

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Carolyn Hannan

Peggy Stevens will make an outstanding addition to the Vermont House of Representatives in the newly formed Essex-Orleans district. Peggy is passionate about ensuring the people in this rural district are well represented and our voices heard.

Peggy cares deeply about the children, families and community of rural Vermont. Peggy has proven herself to be a natural leader in the area of education. Having worked with her in two different educational settings, she took on leadership roles where she was dedicated to delivering quality curriculum, supporting students and staff as well as working with parents to help achieve the goal of accessible, successful learning for all.

Peggy is aware of the challenges residents of the NEK are facing. She understands the need to expand internet access for everyone, that affordable housing and childcare are necessary for a strong and healthy local economy, and the need to attract businesses and industry that provide livable wage jobs for the residents of the NEK and Vermont.

She is a proven leader in the area of clean water and has worked hard to protect our lakes and waterways. She has made the commitment to protect our environment and natural resources for our, as well as future generations. She does her research, presents her findings and will stand up and fight for the correct course of action.

An admirable quality of Peggy’s is that she is able to listen to all voices, respond thoughtfully, respectfully, and works hard at educating herself about issues to make informed decisions. She will listen to you, will work tirelessly for you and is the best choice to send to Montpelier in November.

Heather Webster

Recently I had the privilege of accompanying Peggy Stevens, a candidate running for the district of Orleans/Essex for the Legislature, as she went door-to-door campaigning. I had heard about her because of her proactive involvement in environmental concerns. When I heard she was running I wanted to find out more about her, and the more I learned, the more I wanted her to win. Why? Her issues go way beyond political party views. She is concerned about things that affect everyone in the community: the environment, better access to services, which is so challenging here in Essex and Orleans counties, housing, services for needy families, to name a few. I have witnessed her interacting with residents; listening to their concerns with genuine interest and compassion. Sadly, people in our isolated communities don’t have a voice and feel forgotten, as folks have shared with Peggy again and again in her community visits.

Peggy feels strongly about making changes within the Legislature so that services and money are more equitably distributed to these remote areas. For example, she understands the great need for more and better housing, and is working hard to learn about and build relationships with organizations and individuals who can help create affordable housing in our community. Peggy understands that these challenges don’t resolve themselves – collaboration and advocacy are actions required to bring solutions to the northern NEK.

As for the environment, Peggy’s concern for protecting our environment, especially our water resources, and ensuring that we preserve the natural beauty that supports our local recreational economy continue even as she has set out on her campaign. And the relationships she has built with members of the legislature through her work on environmental concerns are important connections that will help her move other issues forward when she joins those folks as a member of the Vermont House.

The better I get to know her, the more excited I am for her to win the seat. People of all parties would be well served by Peggy Stevens as our representative: she is proactive, she knows how to get the job done, she is smart, she wants justice, she wants to hear what people need and she is very kind…all the attributes that ideally should be in every politician who represents us.

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