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My name is Craig Noyes. I am a citizen of Newport, Vermont, and the owner of Noyes Handyman Services, LLC.

While originally from the NEK, my family and I have lived all over the country. We spent the last 5 years living in the South Pacific in a remote underserved community serving the people through religious and humanitarian efforts.

Having recently settled back into the area, we are looking forward to working and serving in our own community.

As a homeowner, father of three, and a working man, I know and appreciate the pressures and worries of life. It often feels like there is no end to the things that must be done and the things that could go wrong. As a professional handyman, my aim is to provide you with two of the most precious things in life: peace of mind and time.

One of the valuable services I offer our community is a Home Watch Service.

I will be your eyes and ears for your property while you are gone. Whether you have a seasonal home, travel extensively, or simply will be away on a trip, I will visit your home and provide a visual inspection of the interior and exterior, identifying obvious problems that arise, and working with you to resolve them quickly.

These visits also create an “appearance of residence” that goes a long way in deterring criminal activity.

Through this service, I offer responsive solutions and preventative measures for:
• Break-ins and vandalism
• Storm damage
• Extreme cold
• Flooding
• Electrical or plumbing issues

For these and other unique needs that have been on your mind, I would love to work with you in protecting your investment and maximizing your time by serving as your home watch professional.

With over a decade of experience in construction and property management, we will create a custom checklist for regular inspections that meet your unique needs. After every inspection, you will receive a report including pictures of any areas of concern.

Along with the standard inspection, additional services are available upon request:

  • The “Welcome Home!” Package – I’ll open your home for the season by putting out boat docks, turning the heat up, concierge shopping for your first days back, arranging for the home to be cleaned prior to your arrival, plugging in and checking appliances, setting up outdoor furniture, gutter cleaning, etc.
  • The “See You Next Time!” Package – I’ll close your home up for the season by arranging for end-of-season cleaning, removing boat docks and outdoor furniture, unplugging and caring for appliances, draining water from house lines, setting the thermostat, and beginning home watch service for the duration of your absence, etc.
  • Key Holder Service – Opening up the home for friends & family or service technicians and providing post stay inspection and cleaning. Your unmarked key will be kept securely in a lock box.
  • Extra inspections in response to extreme weather (triggers can be set up for automatic visits).
  • Prepare vehicle(s) for your arrival.
  • Accept deliveries on your behalf.
  • Other needs? Just ask!

Standard services start at $100 a month. Set up a consultation to figure out what package and options will best fit your needs.

Noyes Handyman Services LLC is fully insured and in the process of receiving national accreditation with the NHWA (National Home Watch Association).

As a leader in my church, part of local EMS, and a seasoned handyman with over a decade of experience in construction and property management – I am a community member you can trust to take care of your home.

As a husband, father, and neighbor, I understand how important a home is.

Stop worrying about your home while you’re gone and let me provide you with peace of mind and time.

Noyes Handyman Services LLC
Newport City

[email protected]

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