The Northern Star ready for its first international Canadian cruise August 22

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NEWPORT — The Northern Star Cruise is gearing up for its first international cruise into Canada.

The cruise will take place Monday, August 22.

Passengers are in for an extremely special, one-of-a-kind excursion that can only be found on international Lake Memphremagog.

During the 4-hour cruise, the boat will pass by Quebec’s Owl’s Head Resort, Georgeville, historic Perkin’s Pier, Molson Island, and the magnificent Abbey Saint-Benoit-du-Lac.

After cruising around the Abbey, the boat will turn around and head back to Newport.

There will be a historian/storyteller onboard to enhance the experience, with light lunch, and beverages available.

This special international cruise is $85 for adults, and $35 for children 3-11, plus tax and fees.

A driver’s license, photo ID, passport, birth certificate, or state ID is required for this cruise.

Booking a spot on this unique cruise can be done online at  www.northernstarcruises.com

You can also call 802-487-0502.

The last time the boat ventured into Canada was in 2016.

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