Letter: Your pet needs this service

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This letter was submitted by Heather McKeown, of Newport. For more information check out the Have Paws Will Travel Facebook page or call 802-647-3353.

Working on the Northern Star last summer afforded opportunities to meet so many interesting, inspiring, innovative and lovely people living close by. 

I rarely, if ever, go out into the real world, so being a deckhand was such a natural way to be out and about without it being some orchestrated social ordeal.  I loved it! 

You’d think that boarding and serving over 6000 souls that my memories would be like an abstract rendering of unidentifiable faces.  Not at all.  Some individuals have had their personalities imprinted permanently in the great photo album I call ‘my mind.’

On a particular two-hour cruise, there was a young couple who were so amazingly interested in everything.  We chatted on and off and, for some reason, there was a magnate that pulled me back to chat with them at every opportunity. 

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Their collective energy was charged with a pure sort of kindness and maturity.  They didn’t interrupt one another or contradict each others statements.  Such respect.  The questions they directed to me were those composed by two life-long learners and were a pleasure to hear. 

It was only as they were saying their good-byes at the dock that I realized how much it would mean to me if we kept in touch.  Low and behold, we have and it’s been what I’ve learned about them that I’m about to impart to you now.

When a couple is secure, each uplifts the other without reservation.  Jeffrey Palmer and Kayla Farrar are engaged.  In this story, you’ll be reading about Kayla’s new business and I hope my words convey the enthusiasm that her future husband did when he was sharing it at my kitchen table.  It’ll be tough to match Jeffrey’s optimism because he’s as much of a dynamo as his intended bride.

Kayla’s early life would have been tough for a typical child.  However, the tensile strength inherited from a dairy farmer maternal grandmother and a truck driving mother has made this woman into a force of nature. 

Out of necessity, Kayla lived with different relatives when her mom was earning a living wage as a trucker.  Instead of thinking that months without overt shows of affection or attention were negative, these times are looked back on with gratitude. 

“I never felt confined to be ‘like’ anyone in particular.  Instead, those months of anonymity gave me the freedom to develop without set limitations.  I grew in all directions instead of following the example of a primary caregiver.  Lucky me!” 

Eschewing the mundane, Kayla has created her own life.  In so doing, her unconditional love of animals has taken its natural course, resulting in a grooming, bathing and even walking of your pets.  A dog whisperer?  I’ll get to that later.

First there came a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Studies with a focus on Psycho-Social Communication.

Second came a Masters degree in Foundations of Education with a concentration in Positive Psychology and Life Coaching.

Adding both degrees together but transferring all her training to the care and handling of dogs we’re left with Vermont’s very own  Dog Whisperer.  I kid you not.

The proof of this is the ability to get a rambunctious Great Dane into a small tub.  Who DOES this?  Another example is the rescue and sustaining of life in her own dog, Dozer.  This dog has more lives that the proverbial cat. 

His list of diseases, near-death experiences and rallies are the notches on Kayla’s belt of unconditional love and incredible patience. 

Dozer lives but that’s because of his owner’s refusal to give up on him. 

Dogs feel love, you know. They just know things. Lucky Dozer.

Transferring all the education from children to dogs and cats has been natural for the owner of ‘Have Paws Will Travel, LLC’.  The love and patience travel with Kayla but getting around with her mobile pet laundry is less than perfect.  “I need a transit van or a box truck. 

My present vehicle is OK but it would be great to upgrade so I could go from home to home with all needed equipment at my fingertips.”   With a territory spanning this part of our state, a figure eight configuration for appointments has been mapped out for time and fuel efficiency. 

Besides grooming, bathing and feeding services ‘Have Paws Will Travel, LLC’ will also be available to take your pet to the vet.  Imagine, a doggy and kitty taxi service!  WHO DOES THIS?  Kayla!

I don’t presently have a pet.  Do you?  If so, I do hope you check out this new-to-the-area service owned and operated by a genuine Orleans County gal.  Had I never met Kayla and Jeffrey on the Northern Star, maybe I’d never have met them at all. 

Now that you’ve read this story, you have reason to get to know Kayla, if you have a pet.  Believe me, you’ll be so glad to know this dynamic lover-of-animals. 

Check out the Have Paws Will Travel Facebook page or call 802-647-3353.

PS  Just an afterthought, but maybe you have a box truck or transit van that would certainly benefit this new local business. 

Think about it. 

Love’n optimism, Heather in Newport

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