Learn to build your own backpack during 5-day course in Craftsbury Common

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CRAFTSBURY — Sterling College is offering a unique 5-day intensive course in outdoor gear repair and design.

The course, which runs May 27-31, aims to provide nature-loving outdoor enthusiasts with skills to extend the useful life of their gear.

It also guides learners through the process of designing and building their very own pack.

“The class is to teach people that making, modifying, and repairing your own gear and clothes is totally accessible,” said John Campbell, Founder of Alpine Luddites. “It just takes an understanding of how gear is put together, what materials to use and some time learning by doing.”

As an introduction to gear design and repair skills, participants will combine readings and videos with in-person instruction and hands-on practice of the skills needed to become proficient at making and repairing their own outdoor gear.

During the workshop, participants will learn skills such as hand and machine sewing, field repair techniques, pattern design, material selection, and gear production.

Participants will use the skills learned to build either a retro pack or ultralight backpacking pack by the end of the workshop.

This 5-day course is open to the public and will be held on the Sterling College campus in Craftsbury Common.

For more information on this course and other continuing ed offerings from Sterling, visit https://www.ce.sterlingcollege.edu/

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