Montpelier police report several complaints regarding vehicle obstruction

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MONTPELIER — Police in Montpelier say they have been taking several complaints regarding vehicles parked obstructing intersections, driveways, crosswalks, and fire hydrants in the city.

It is a violation to park within five feet of where a driveway intersects the street.

In the downtown area, most of these areas are striped or signed to remind operators not to park there, but when the roads are snow-covered some of these indicators are not visible.

In residential areas, there may be signage, striping, and painted curbs to mark no parking zones, but this is usually only present near intersections and also may be snow covered.

Vermont law also prohibits stopping or parking a motor vehicle within a crosswalk.

Vehicles parked on crosswalks can block the visibility of, and increase the hazard to, crossing pedestrians.

It is also illegal to park a motor vehicle within 6 feet of a fire hydrant.

Obstructing a fire hydrant can inhibit the fire department’s access to water in the event of a significant fire event.

Vehicles in violation may face receiving a parking ticket or being towed.

“Please help us to keep lines of sight at intersections, driveways, and crosswalks, as well as access to hydrants, clear,” the department said in a statement.

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