Sheriff Jennifer Harlow Updates Orleans County Residents

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There have been many new and exciting happenings to report to our community since my last update several months ago.

We have been using Newport Police Department to supplement our dispatching services for a little over a year which has allowed us to have 24/7 dispatching.

This service has worked out very well for the towns we currently have contracts with.

The extended dispatching services have and continue to allow community members to call our department when they are in need of services.

In July 2021 our new reporting system went ‘live’ with the towns we contract with and I have received great feedback.

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The new reporting system has given the towns more detail that they had been craving for in the past and have been given positive feedback that it Is working very well.

In my last update, I had announced we had signed a contract with the town of Greensboro.

We have been providing service to Greensboro for several months to date and it has been an absolute pleasure to serve the residents.

Greensboro has kept us busy and provided us with a wide range of calls for service.

We look forward to continuing to serve the residents of Greensboro.

The Orleans County Sheriffs Department has continued to hold and work with several grantees in an effort to keep our community safe, for example, Governor Highway Safety.

One grant that I am very excited about is a Mentoring grant through the North Country Supervisory Union.

This grant will allow for Deputies to go into our secondary schools during lunchtime, after school time and build some long-lasting trusting relationships with our children.

We continue to support Lake Region Union High School with a School Resource Officer, who had done a great deal of training in an effort to better herself so she can better serve our community and the population she works with.

Deputy Smith Is certified and trained as a FETI (Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview) interviewer which took her approximately two (2) weeks to complete.

STOP Grant —a Deputy who is assigned to our State’s Attorney’s Office to follow up on Violations of Conditions of Release, Abuse Prevention Order Violations, to meet with Victim/Survivors of Domestic/Sexual Assaults In an effort to bring forth stronger cases for prosecution.

These cases are very complex and we are very fortunate to have this grant in an effort to support those affected by these often violent crimes.

The Orleans County Sheriff’s Department has several responsibilities to include a few, serving civil process, patrolling our community, court security and transporting prisoners.

Court has been becoming busier since some of the Covid -19 restrictions have been lifted.

The Orleans County Sheriff’s Department takes great pride in protecting our sitting Judges as well as the employees in the Criminal and Family courthouses.

The Orleans County Sheriffs Department has and will continue to work closely with our Federal, State, and local agencies to investigate crimes involving drugs, illegal use of firearms and violent crimes.

I am aware our community and those within have been having a difficult time with the uptick in violent behaviors that have been occurring too close to our homes.

I can promise you the members of the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department do not take this lightly and will continue to strive to make Orleans County a safer place for all of us.

Community Events: BBQ with a Badge — this past summer with all area law enforcement being present, Orleans County Sheriffs Department, Newport Police Department, Vermont State Police, Vermont Fish and Wildlife, Department of Motor Vehicle, United States Customs and Border Protection as well as our States Attorney’s Office.

This was a fantastic event and it was so wonderful to see so many community members there.

Food Drive to support local food shelves Caring Closet at NCUHS Career Center Operations Santa — each year we are able to provide for more and more children with all the support from our community.

Several Donations were made to local groups in need which was only a possibility with all of your generosity to our community fund.

As your Sheriff I feel it is extremely important for me to be connected with my community and to be a part of positive change.

I am currently serving on the following boards and committees:

North Country Union High School/Junior High School Board, Orleans County Child Advocacy Board, North Country Hospital Board — newly appointed January 2022, Law Enforcement, Advisory Board — policy review, Training Advisory Committee — training at the Vermont Police Academy, NEK Prevention Center of Excellence Committee, Domestic Violence/Human, Trafficking Task Force, Prevention Coalition, Vermont Sheriff’s Association, Executive Board as 2nd Vice President, Newport Rotary, Executive Board as Vice President

I am an instructor for the Vermont Police Academy for domestic violence as well as instructing a three-day block on physical/sexual violence involving adults and children. I am extremely passionate about educating others on physical/sexual violence and crimes against our children. This is such important work and it is an absolute honor to teach our new law enforcement officers.

I completed the following FBI-LEEDA courses to complete my Trilogy:

Supervisor Leadership Institute 2019, Command Leadership Institute 2021, Executive Leadership, Institute 2021

As your Sheriff, I want to continue to work on my development so I can serve my department and my unity to the best of my ability.

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