2 women from Groton found guilty of harassing bear hunters

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GROTON — Two Groton residents were issued citations by a Vermont State Game Warden on November 11, following the investigation of an incident of hunter harassment.

Both were found guilty of interfering with hunters on November 22, in Caledonia Superior Court.

Topsham resident Theodore Shumway and two companions were hunting black bear with hounds in the 26,000-acre Groton State Forest near Noyes Pond on October 9, 2021.

A bear led the hounds onto private property before climbing a tree.

The hunters entered the woods from Buzzy’s Road and retrieved the hounds, leaving the bear in the tree.

On returning to his truck with leashed hounds, Shumway encountered Donna Babic and Betty Eastman releasing air from the tires of his truck.

Following an argument between the parties, one of the two women allowed a German shepherd out of their vehicle.

The loose German shepherd attacked and injured one of the leashed hounds, which required veterinary care.

Vermont State Troopers responded to an emergency call from Shumway to defuse the situation.

A subsequent investigation by a Vermont State Game Warden found the licensed and permitted bear hunters to be acting lawfully.

The game warden cited Babic and Eastman with violation of interfering with hunting, fishing or trapping.

“Vermonters don’t always agree on wildlife management, especially when it comes to big game,” said Colonel Jason Batchelder, Fish and Wildlife’s Chief Game Warden. “Even so, I would ask that Vermonters respect one another’s constitutional right to hunt.”

Babic and Eastman were each fined $262 and will lose their license privileges for fishing, hunting, and trapping for a year.

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