Worcester-based mushroom grower announces new product

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WORCESTER — After years in the making, Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms recently announced the launch of their latest product, Cordyceps Militaris, Dried, Whole, Fruiting Bodies.

They’re one of only a handful of certified organic cultivators of the whole fruiting body, the mushroom itself, in the United States.

Most U.S. cultivators only grow the mycelium which is much faster and easier.

The coveted fruiting body is more potent, providing all the potential benefits known, and yet to be discovered.

Most of the organic fruiting bodies in the U.S. are supplied by China.

“We are hoping that people really care about who grows their mushrooms and makes their products. We believe in developing knowledge and skills and production right here in our communities,” said Karen Wiseman, Co-owner and Lead Medicine Maker of Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms.

Brain Wiseman, Co-owner and lead grower, has been working on their cordyceps cultivation process since 2018.

He’s part of a small community of cultivators working together to optimize the finicky cordyceps cultivation process and create a U.S.-based fruiting body supply.

Their original work was based on a self-published book by William Padilla Brown, who originally figured out the first grain-based fruiting body process.

Since then, the Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms’ process has seen significant changes and evolution.

Cordyceps has been used for hundreds of years for its medicinal benefits, and the latest research of this powerful adaptogen is revealing promising potential that has athletes and health advocates talking.

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