Four-vehicle crash in Brattleboro

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BRATTLEBORO — Police responded to a four-vehicle crash in Brattleboro on Friday.

The crash took place on Interstate 91 south at around 6:10 p.m.

According to the report, Robin Farmer, 22, of Lansing, North Carolina, was headed south when a vehicle in front of her had suddenly slowed down.

She slammed her brakes but was not able to avoid a collision with Douglas Flood, 35, of Brattleboro. 

Farmer then swerved into the travel lane and rear-ended Keith Griswold, 43, of Brattleboro. 

Robin Franklin, 54, of Lewiston, ME, then rear-ended Farmer as a result of the sudden lane change. 

Police are still investigating this crash. 

All vehicles were towed from the interstate and a passenger in Farmer’s vehicle was injured, police say. 

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