Muddy Fly to Pie raises money for local cancer patients, families

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Photos by Phil White.
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WEST GLOVER — A rainy day in the Northeast Kingdom did not deter 41 runners, bikers, and walkers who showed up for this year’s annual Fly to Pie – Kingdom Marathon on Saturday.

Winning the marathon among the men with a time of 3:43:01 was Tucker Margulies, 34, of New York, NY.

He narrowly beat back Daniel Green of Boston, MA, who finished with a time of 3:57:07.

Tucker’s prize was a full gallon of Couture’s Maple Syrup and a half a pound of Brault’s Beef Jerky.

Among the women, Hibby Regan, 32, of Waterville, finished with a time of 3:46:22.

Some say the course at Fly to Pie is one of the hilliest and most challenging marathons in the east, with climbs totaling 2,894 feet.

Riding together and winning the marathon bike were Bonnie Ritchotte, 48, and Tom Ritchotte, 56, of Littleton, NH, posting a time of 2:09:36.

Just ten minutes behind them was Jen Olsen, 50, of West Glover, who is known as a speedy open water marathon swimmer, winning the 25 km Border Buster at Kingdom Swim in 2017.

Runners, bikers, and walkers also competed in the 17-mile Iconoclast, the Half Marathon, and the 10 km distances.

Out of the fees with some additional donations by participants, this year’s Fly to Pie raised an even $1,000 for the Halo Foundation, which provides support to local cancer patients and their families.

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