Three women arrested after fight in Richford

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RICHFORD — Three women were arrested for assault following a dispute in Richford on Saturday.

Authorities say they were initially notified of a vandalism incident at around 6:30 p.m.

Police allege Stephanie Gaudette, 32, of RIchford, and Tasha Lewis, 34, of Richford, drove to a home where Bridget Combs, 24, was located.  

Gaudette exited her vehicle and smashed out the rear window of a vehicle owned by Combs. 

Police say Gaudette and Lewis then began fighting with people at the home.  

Combs allegedly then contacted Liza Ryea, 40, of Berkshire, and informed her of the altercation. 

Ryea arrived at the scene and picked Combs up and drove to the residence of Gaudette and Lewis. 

Upon their arrival another fight ensued between the two groups, during which time police allege Comb threatened Lewis with a knife.  

Ryea also became engaged in the altercation and fought with Gaudette. 

Police say the altercation concluded when Gaudette hit Ryea in the head with a 4-way tire iron. 

According to the report, all parties involved were acquaintances and the fight stemmed from a previous disagreement between the group.

Ryea was transported to Northwestern Medical Center by Richford Ambulance Service.  

Police say Gaudette was arrested for aggravated assault, simple assault, and unlawful mischief. 

Combs was arrested for aggravated assault, and Lewis for simple assault.

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