Dr. Bill Peck named the next North Country Legend

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L to R: NCH Legends Larry Labor, Bill Peck, Cece Gelineau, David Alsobrook, Merrilyn Barry, Mike Moseley Missing from photo: Bob Trembley
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NEWPORT — Long-time OB/GYN physician and a retiree of North Country Hospital, William Peck, MD, was recently named the seventh Legend as part of the Legends Scholarship program.

Created in 2010 to honor exceptional and legendary healthcare professionals, the Legends Scholarship program is dedicated to serving the needs of the community, and of local students pursuing a career in healthcare.

Legends are nominated by their peers and the criteria include individuals who have provided outstanding care, whether it be clinical or non-clinical, for decades.

They are dedicated to having contributed greatly to the patient-centered culture at North Country Hospital and the impact they’ve made has been positive and significant.

His colleague, Dr. Peter Stuart, spoke of why he nominated Dr. Peck, an individual with the utmost dedication and caring for his patients and the community.

“Dr. Peck is the very definition of a Legend,” Dr. Peter Stuart said. “Aside from caring for thousands of women throughout his career, helping to deliver thousands of babies, and managing multiple emergencies, he has been known as a leader for both the medical staff and the wider hospital community. He worked tirelessly as an obstetrician/gynecologist for 34 years, taking call every other day, every other weekend, while setting the example of what a physician should be. He made his patients feel comfortable and cared for, and never wavered from his dedication to them and his desire to serve the community.”

As the award was unveiled at the ceremony, an emotional, and always full of caring Dr. Peck came up to accept North Country Hospital Legend status and to summarize, his comments were on the award that will hang on the walls of the hospital:

“With the essential support of our outstanding facility and medical staff, my work as a physician in our close, rural community brought me great satisfaction. The relationships I had with my patients were always welcoming, respectful, intimate, and — dare I say — loving. I feel grateful to have had the privilege to care for and to care about my patients and honored to have been a small part of their lives.”

Dr. Peck now joins North Country Hospital Legends Larry Labor, BS, RPh, Merrilyn Barry, Robert Trembley, MD, David Alsobrook, MD, Thomas A.E. Moseley III, MD, and Cecile Gelineau, RN, who had the idea of creating a new healthcare scholarship fund such as this.

Those who wish to honor Bill Peck and North Country’s Legends by donating to the Legends Scholarship Fund can send contributions to:

North Country Hospital, Attn: Wendy Franklin, Communications/Foundation Office, 189 Prouty Drive, Newport, VT 05855 or by visiting www.northcountryhospital.org/make-a-donation/.

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