Local Border Patrol Agent recognized for rescuing woman from Lake Willoughby

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NEWPORT — Supervisory Border Patrol Agent John Marquissee from the Newport station was recently awarded the Newton-Azrak Award for conspicuous heroism that led to the preservation of human life.

The Newton-Azrak Award is the Border Patrol’s highest award for heroism.

On January 5, 2012, off-duty Border Patrol Agent Marquissee observed an overturned vehicle partially submerged in Lake Willoughby.

Agent Marquissee entered the partially frozen lake without regard for his own safety.

On scene, he determined that the female driver was the sole occupant and was unable to exit the vehicle on her own.

Agent Marquissee broke out the rear window and aided the woman in exiting the vehicle.

Once she was free, Agent Marquissee aided her to shore, saving her life.

Agent Marquissee provided first aid, blankets, and his jacket to the woman to keep her warm until emergency services arrived.

Due to his efforts, the woman did not suffer any serious injuries or exposure-related complications.

Agent Marquissee’s actions brought great credit upon himself, the Swanton Sector, and the United States Border Patrol.

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