Cow sign stolen, 4 cited for theft in Coventry

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COVENTRY — Four people were cited for stealing a custom sign from the Maxwell Neighborhood Farm in Coventry.

William Whitehouse, 18, Brandon Croteau, 22, Michael Leaker, 20, all of Coventry, as well as Gabriel Lowell, 19, of Irasburg, were issued a citation into court for the theft.

Police say they were notified on Monday that the farm’s custom hand-painted cow had been stolen from its location on Airport Road.

An investigation led police to another home on Airport Road where they were given consent to search the home and property.

Police spotted the cow under a mattress inside the home.

All four were issued a citation into court for the theft and the sign was returned undamaged.

The cow was hand-painted by Margaret Maxwell.

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  1. This makes that 1978 Lufthansa heist look like child’s play…Next thing we’ll probably hear, is the annual Ice Out betting is fixed….Oh, we Vermonters and our wicked ways.

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