Dairy Air Wind in Holland announces halt to development activity

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HOLLAND — Dairy Air Wind, the last remaining wind energy project being developed in Vermont, today announced the ending of all development activities surrounding the project.

Project partner David Blittersdorf cited a current political environment that is hostile to wind energy as the leading cause for this step.

Dairy Air Wind was intended to be a single-turbine project sited in a cornfield on the Champney family’s 450-acre dairy farm in Holland.

“In 2012, there were over a dozen wind projects in development,” said David Blittersdorf. “Now there are none. This is truly a sad state of affairs for Vermont.”

Dairy Air Wind had received a state standard offer-power contract to sell the project’s electricity in Vermont in 2016, but has been stalled in permitting ever since.

They have been in the process of applying for a Certificate of Public Good, but given the current regulatory and political environment, project leadership no longer believes that acquiring one is possible.

Prior to today’s announcement, Dairy Air Wind was the last wind project still being developed in Vermont.

“If Vermont is saying no to a project like Dairy Air Wind, we are really saying no to everything,” said Blittersdorf. “We are in real trouble as a state if we can’t build a single wind turbine in a flat cornfield, hosted by a dairy farmer that wants the project built to help keep the farm going.”


  1. The number of regulations and high taxes is one of the reasons I left Vermont for South Carolina. I used to love Vermont…..now not so much.

  2. I call BULLSHIT!!!! WE did NOT move to Vermont for this crap! Thinking about going back to where we came from or heading North Rast! And we LIVE on the Canadian Border in Holland! And I HOPE VT’s door DARES to HIT us in the ASS on the way out!!! Grrrr!!! This STATE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES!!!!! UGH!

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