Four arrested in Irasburg

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IRASBURG — Police say that they have arrested a group of people who occupied a camp in the town of Irasburg owned by a 54-year-old man from Coventry, without his permission.

As officers approached the camp, they say the occupants fled the scene on foot.

One accused, John Regan, 27, of Philadelphia, was taken into custody just outside the camp.

Troopers and deputies with K9s tracked the other three individuals through deep snow for 1-2 miles for about an hour before they were located and taken into custody in the woods.

The three were Identified as Ronald Harris, 27, also of Philadelphia, Daniel Peters, 23, of Newport, and Andrea Poutre, 37, of Newport.

Police say that Ronald Harris had an active arrest warrant issued out of Pennsylvania for aggravated assault.

Poutre was on court-ordered conditions of release for a “heroin – sale or delivery 200 mg or more” offense that occurred earlier in the year.

She also was on conditions of release for a case involving charges of retail theft, false info to a law enforcement officer, and violation of conditions of release.

Daniel Peters was on court-ordered conditions of release for burglary into an occupied dwelling that occurred earlier in the year in Orleans county.

Investigators say they are working with the State’s Attorney’s Office and the court to determine charges and arraignment details.

Harris, Peters, Poutre, and Regan remain in custody pending a court determination of bail and conditions of release.


  1. The towns around all daycares and schools should be notified, this is crazy and how bad things happen. All schools should be locked anyhow. Lowell elementery is NEVER. I called them when I heard about dogs being relised about 4 miles from school. Police on the end of our road, diette, 3 miles from school. The doors were locked then UNLOCKED THEY WERE TOLD IT WAS UNDER CONTROL! Bullcrap Very angery no one called school from police or daycares. I know its a fact! Scary and it is on our emergency plan!

  2. How many times do we release these people on conditions before we actually put these people away and off our streets. They keep saying they are trying to put a stop to the drugs coming in the area, well ok here are 4 people that have been doing this. Let’s do something about it instead of giving them a slap on the hand. If we start to come down on these people hard maybe the rest will leave the area.

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