Flag exchange celebrates two active watershed stewards of Lake Memphremagog

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NEWPORT — Thirty people enjoyed a perfect summer day floating along the US – Canadian border to honor the dual citizenship of beautiful Lake Memphremagog and the anniversaries of the lake’s two active watershed stewards. 

Memphremagog Conservation, Inc (MCI), is celebrating 50 years and Memphremagog Watershed Association (MWA), 10 years. 

On board for the celebration were representatives from MCI and founding member of MWA Chet Greenwood, first president of MWA and founding board members, Ginnie Bowman, King Boyd, and Doug McKenny.

MWA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve the beauty and waters of over 22 lakes and ponds, east to Brighton, south to Craftsbury, west to Lowell, and north into Canada.

The rivers that flow north into Lake Memphremagog and on to Canada are the Clyde, Black, Barton and Johns. 

Activities of MWA include invasive species patrolling and cyanobacteria monitoring, education and outreach programs to encourage participation in the preservation of the environment and natural beauty of the watershed. 

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