Exploded mailboxes in West Glover have police on alert

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WEST GLOVER — Police are investigating a series of bizarre vandalism incidents that occurred early Thursday morning in West Glover. One mailbox was set on fire, and another blown up at around 1:30 a.m.

Police are saying that early this morning they were dispatched to West Glover after someone called in a complaint that a mailbox was on fire on West Shore Road, near Parker Lake.

Moments later a second concerned citizen reported what sounded like gunshots coming from County Road approximately a mile from where the complaint of the burning mailbox was. Both callers described a loud exhaust system coming from a vehicle at the time of the incidents.

Police say that the mailbox that was set on fire was done with an accelerant such as gasoline or kerosene placed in a plastic bottle inside. There were tire tracks leading to and from the burnt mailbox that were mud terrain type tires.

The second mailbox had been broken into pieces from what police say appeared to be an explosion from inside the mailbox. There were mud terrain type tire tracks going to and from that mailbox as well.

Vermont State Police are looking for any tips that may lead to the apprehension of those responsible, and are requesting the public to contact the Derby Barracks if they have any information.

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