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It all started in Derby Line last October. I was driving in my 1991 Saab, coming across the border on Route 5, when I heard Native American drumming. As I pulled into Irving, I saw a group of protesters gathered outside, banging drums and holding up signs saying “We stand with the Mi’kmaq Nation.” They were protesting against fracture drilling on Mi’kmaq lands up in Canada.

I had just started Newport Dispatch News, and was wondering earlier that day what my first story was going to be. As I filled up my tank, it was obvious that the story was right there. I approached the group and interviewed Melody Nunn, one of the demonstrators. That was October 20, 2013. I drove home eager to post the story up on the site.

Fast forward exactly one year to October 20, 2014. I’m about to post the 530th article at Newport Dispatch News, and it’s a story about a car accident on I-91. Two cars flipped early in the morning, and both drivers were taken to the hospital. One of those drivers was Melody Nunn.

It’s been an interesting ride, and a memorable first year. I’m not one to boast, but I am very proud of all that Newport Dispatch News has achieved.

In one year we have posted 530 stories, that have been served to 78,950 unique readers, totaling 326,828 pageviews. We have grown from an audience of a handful of early supporters, to over 19,000 unique readers in the last 30 days.

Our last 30 days:

30 Day Web Traffic

One year:

Picture 41

Our goal was to bring FREE local online news to Orleans County. In this first year, we have not only brought our local news to the people of Orleans County, but to the world. Our news has reached just about every country across the globe.

Below is a chart of our worldwide audience tracked through Google Analytics:

Picture 40

We have also reached every state and province in the U.S. and Canada:

Picture 43

Picture 44

We still receive about 90 percent of our audience from within Orleans County, and for that we are very thankful to all of our local readers. You have helped us grow this first year through word-of-mouth, and sharing our stories across social media. Our articles have been debated on Facebook, and some very useful discussions have come about through these social comments. We thank you all for your participation.

In the next year our goal is to continue to grow our audience. We also have plans to do more video news stories, and kick things up a notch.

We sincerely thank you all for your support.

Bryan Marovich
Newport Dispatch News

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