Police still looking for suspect after attempted abduction in Newport on Friday

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attempted abduction Newport Vermont

NEWPORT — Local law enforcement agencies are still on the lookout for a man, described as approximately 5’10” and of medium build, appearing to be clean shaven with acne scars, who police say attempted to abduct a woman in Newport on Friday night.

The incident was reported at around 10:24 p.m., on August 22, when an employee of the East Main General Store told police that a male had attempted to force her into her vehicle while in the parking lot of the store.

The woman was able to free herself, and the male was last seen running towards the Hayes Ford dealership.

At the time of the attempted abduction, the man was wearing a plain black hooded sweatshift with no visible markings on it, and a tight fitting black mask that concealed part of his face, however, a portion of his face was exposed.

The incident has locals on edge.

“And that is why I walk my dog with my pistol in tow…it’s getting scary up here!” Dawn Chaffee said on Facebook.

“I work at Hayes Ford and I carry pepper spray on my key chain for that walk to my car at night, have for the past couple years. I won’t be afraid to point and press the canister either!!!” Carol Piper posted on Facebook.

Christine Russell added, “To me this is much scarier than the gunman situation. No identifying this guy and he’s out blending in with the rest of us.”

A few other comments regarding the attempted abduction have questioned if police are reviewing surveillance footage from the area, as the man was last seen running toward Hayes Ford, which has a surveillance system in place.

As of yet, there has been no update in the investigation.

Anyone with any information is asked to please contact the Newport Police Department at 802-334-6733.

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