What to expect from a financial review

The COVID-19 pandemic is, hopefully, just a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, but all sorts of events can rattle the investment world. And changes in your own life also can affect your plans. To prepare yourself for whatever tomorrow may hold, you may want to get some professional help.

A financial advisor will look holistically at your life – your family situation, your career, your hopes and dreams, your instincts about saving and spending money, your risk tolerance and other factors. So, during your initial meeting, and at subsequent reviews afterward, an advisor will discuss a variety of issues.

For example, are you making adequate progress toward your financial objectives? Have there been changes in your family, such as the arrival of a new child or the need to provide caregiving for elderly parents? Have you decided to change your retirement plans?

As you work toward your goals, you may find it challenging to navigate the financial markets and respond to the changes in your life – but you don’t have to go it alone. And working with a financial advisor can help smooth your journey.

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