How to be a good money manager in retirement

Here’s an interesting figure: 36% of retirees say managing money in retirement is more confusing than saving for retirement, according to a study by Edward Jones and Age Wave. How can you become a good money manager when you retire?

First of all, identify what retirement means to you. Will you travel? Stay home and pursue hobbies? Open a small business? Once you identify your goal, you can estimate how much it will cost, which will then dictate much of your spending and saving needs.

Next, establish a budget and stick to it. Look for reasonable cost-cutting measures when possible. And don’t underestimate your health care expenses – even with Medicare, you can spend several thousand a year out of pocket.

Finally, and most important, be careful how much you withdraw each year from your IRA and 401(k). It’s a good idea to create a sustainable withdrawal rate.

Do whatever it takes to become a good money manager during retirement. You’ll find it’s well worth the effort.

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