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While newspapers continue to lose readers, our audience is growing.


At Newport Dispatch, all ads are front-page ads

In just 4 years we’ve built a massive local following through our free, online news covering Orleans County. We’ve been helping local businesses like yours connect with this audience.

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Newport Dispatch averages around 30,000 unique visitors or readers on our website each month, has over 10,000 social media followers, and a newsletter with over 4,000 local signups.

Our local ads allow businesses to get in front of the largest local audience around, for a fraction of the cost of the local newspapers.

Our rectangular Leaderboard Ads are larger than the industry standard sizes, and rotate at the top of the page every single pageview. Example below: 

Our square Banner Ads are also larger than standard industry sizes and rotate on the homepage, giving every advertiser top placement.

Inside posts, the Leaderboard Ads appear above and below each article. In addition, 2 Banner Ads appear in each story.

All ads, in all positions, rotate. 

Leaderboard ads: $250 per month

Banner Ads: $150 per month

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