Injured bear roams Pembroke, police urge caution

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PEMBROKE — A three-pawed bear has been spotted roaming the streets of downtown Pembroke, prompting local authorities to issue safety warnings to the community.

The Pembroke Police Department reported sightings of the bear in areas including Fairview, Broadway, and Renarl, where it has been seen taking down birdfeeders.

The police have notified the New Hampshire State Police and requested assistance from New Hampshire Fish & Game officers to address the situation.

While the bear has not shown aggression towards humans, police are advising residents to be vigilant when outdoors and to keep small pets indoors as a precautionary measure.

In a concerning development, the Pembroke Police have observed several individuals trying to get close to the bear, often attempting to take photographs or observe it at a closer range.

The police have sternly advised the public to avoid approaching the bear, emphasizing the dangers of interacting with wild animals, particularly when accompanied by dogs.

Residents are encouraged to report any further sightings to the authorities and to stay updated on the situation through official channels.

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