Putnam resident falls victim to jury duty scam, police issue warning

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PUTNAM — A local resident was the target of a sophisticated scam on June 26, where individuals posing as Alaskan Police Officers falsely claimed there was an active arrest warrant out for his failure to attend Jury Duty.

According to the Putnam Police Department, the scammers demanded the resident to pay $6,000 in Bitcoin and hand over passwords and personal information to avoid arrest.

The victim reported the incident to the police, prompting a public alert about the fraudulent scheme.

The police emphasize that legitimate law enforcement agencies, whether state, local, or federal, do not request payments in Bitcoin, gift cards, or other untraceable methods.

They also do not ask for sensitive personal information over the phone.

Authorities urge anyone who receives such suspicious calls to refrain from providing any personal data or money.

Instead, they should hang up and contact their local law enforcement agency to verify the caller’s identity and report the incident.

The Putnam Police Department is available to assist residents with concerns about potential scams and to provide guidance on how to handle such situations.

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