Windsor police warn of potential charity scams in the area

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WINDSOR — Residents in Windsor have been targeted by potential charity scams, receiving requests for donations through US mail and email, the Windsor Police Department reports.

The WPD is urging the community to be vigilant and conduct thorough research before contributing to causes, particularly those from out of state or with which residents have no direct affiliation.

The department’s caution comes after multiple reports from locals who have been solicited for donations by organizations that may not be legitimate.

The WPD emphasizes the importance of taking the time to verify the credibility of these charities to avoid falling victim to fraudulent schemes.

To aid residents in identifying fake charities, the WPD has shared a set of tips provided by the IRS.

These guidelines include checking if the charity is listed on the IRS website, looking for transparency in how donations are used, and being wary of any organization that refuses to provide detailed information about its operations.

The police also advise against giving out personal information or sending money until the legitimacy of the charity has been confirmed.

They encourage the community to report any suspicious charity-related activity to local authorities to help prevent others from being scammed.

Residents looking for more information or seeking to report a scam can contact the Windsor Police Department directly.

The department remains committed to protecting the community from fraudulent schemes and ensuring that charitable contributions reach their intended legitimate destinations.

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