Salem police welcome 3 new officers

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SALEM — The Salem Police Department is welcoming officers Evan Mullen, Joshua Peters, and Ethan Kisiel.

These officers are all currently attending the police academy in New Hampshire where they are receiving extensive training in various subjects including academic, practical, and physical skills.

The police academy program lasts for 16 weeks and covers topics such as New Hampshire criminal and motor vehicle codes, constitutional law, human relations, defensive tactics, emergency driving, and firearms.

Officer Evan Mullen is originally from Peabody and recently graduated from Merrimack College with a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology.

Meanwhile, Officer Joshua Peters is originally from Dracut and graduated from Middlesex College with a degree in Criminal Justice.

Before pursuing law enforcement, Officer Peters worked as a Correctional Officer with the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office.

Finally, Officer Ethan Kisiel is a Salem native and graduated from Salem High School. He has a degree in management and, like Officer Peters, worked as a Correctional Officer before joining law enforcement.

Although these officers won’t be visible to the public for a few more weeks, you can still take the time to congratulate them and welcome them aboard as they continue to pursue their training and work towards graduation.

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